auction for the Art Room

Thank you so much for visiting this page, to view the works of art for sale by auction at The George in Rye on Wednesday 26th November between 7.30 and 10pm.

It's not the most sophisticated site but hopefully gives an idea of the wonderful quality of the pictures donated.

Many of these pieces have been donated by the artist and are marked with an asterisk
Donor/owners have been credited where possible

If you would like to place a bid, please email

Click on the images to enlarge

All measurements relate to the size of the image and are height x width

Thank you all for your generosity - see you on Wednesday

1.     Citadel Garden 2005  by Louis Turpin - acrylics on canvas

donated by Pip Al-Khafaji - 67cm x 62cm - framed

2.    Seated Girl, Reading by Edward Piper - son of John Piper

donated by Madeleine and Mike Eve   38cm x 51cm - framed

3.    St Mary's Church 1812   by Herbert Bourne and Charles Rosenberg (Aquatint)   27cm x 38cm - framed

4.    St Mary's Church 1930, unknown photographer
27cm x 39cm - framed  donated by Alistair Mitchell Innes

5.*    Self portrait by Rye's premier portrait artist  Marina Kim
30cm x 30cm - framed

6.     Blue Glass - watercolour by Andrew Blyth
23cm x 17 cm - framed

7.*   Brede Valley Thistles - giclĂ©e  by Rebecca Coates
35cm x 26cm - framed

8.*    Ferry Cottage - hand coloured linocut by Annie Soudain
15cm x 21cm - framed

9.    Embroidery on silk x4 - unknown artist
each 27cm x 27cm (to edge of frame)

10.*    Exotic Belly Dancer by John Rampling
28cm x 20cm - framed

11.*    Stormlands - print by Brenda Harthill
40cm x 30cm - framed

12.    View of Hartshorn House, Rye 1866/70 by John Holdcroft
47cm x 33cm framed

13.*    All Steamed Up - watercolour by Andrew Blyth
34cm x 49cm

14.*    Canary Wharf Reflections No 4 - photograph mounted on canvas by Clive Sawyer 60cm x 90cm

15.    Spike Milligan by Charles Newington
donated by The Milligan Family to support The Art Room

16.*    Doors of Rye - photographic print by David Purdie 31cm x 60cm - framed

17.*    Freedom of the Forest - pencil on Griffin Mill paper
by David Crew 61cm x 51cm - framed

18.    Russian Fashion Model - inkjet print by Freddie Lees
36cm x 27cm - framed

19.*    Brooklyn Regeneration x 4 - high resolution photographs by Roderick Field  - each 47cm x 33cm - unmounted

20.*    Framed Botanicals x 2 by Margaret Sandra framed

21.*    Unframed Botanicals by Margaret Sandra unframed

22.*    Overcast Dungeness by Val Fricker
37cm x 62cm - framed

23.*    Seascape of St Ives - print by Val Fricker
23cm x 30cm - framed

24.    Watchbell Street, Rye by Ed Riley
31cm x 23cm - framed

25.    The Bowling Green - Etching/Aquatint by Helen Seymour
30cm x 19cm - framed


26.    Red Plums in a Jar - print by Chloe Cheese  19.5cm x 11.5cm - framed

26.    Nectarines - print by Chloe Cheese 19.5cm x 7.8cm - framed

27.    Boats - watercolour on paper by Klaus Leister
15cm x 21cm - framed

28.    Pastel 1987 by Lady Muriel Cuckney
48cm x 38cm - framed
Donated by Penny and Alistair Mitchell Innes

29.   Shoreham signed by 'Webb' - 20cm x 30cm framed
Donated by Penny and Alistair Mitchell Innes

30.   Bird of Prey - drypoint  by Roland Jarvis    40cm x 60cm  framed

31.*    Norman Tower (detail) by Martin Bradshaw 25cm x 51cm framed

32.*    Audrey by Valerie Olsen     15cm x 15cm  framed

33.*    Artists Proof by Victor Alan Herbert     38cm x 25cm framed

34.*   Still Life by Lydia Wexel     70cm x 48cm framed

35*.    Sluice at Pont-Aven, Brittany by John Holdcroft     27cm x 18.5cm framed

36.*    Drawing in The Garden by Richard Adams    30cm x 40cm framed

37.    Rye Dusk, watercolour by Andy Wood    14cm x 18cm framed

38.*    Pale Clouded Yellows, Bath Whites and Clouded Yellows in a Lucerne Field by Brian Hargreaves   15cm x 17cm framed
Donated by Joyce Hargreaves

39.*    Catching Stars - collage by Joyce Hargreaves

40.    Untitled Lithograph printed in colours -silkscreen
by Therese Oulton (British, born 1953) 140cm x 126cms -  framed

Donated by Rory Snookes

41.    Metal Statue of William Shakespeare - approx 50 cm high

Donated by Mike and Madeleine Eve

42.*   Sweet Peas with Blue Bottles by Monica Dunn
55cm x 72cm

43.*     Trawler and Phantom of the Opera by Dave McKean  23cm x 40cm and 26cm x 45cm respectively - unframed

Who are we?

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We came together originally to try to establish a theatre in The Monastery and promote the name of John Fletcher - the Jacobean playwright, and colleague of Shakespeare - who was born in Rye. The group’s focus switched to Lion Street when it was threatened with redevelopment.

We're building links with local businesses (including Jonathan Dunn Architects and Kino Digital) - helping us preserve Rye’s heritage by establishing creative and sustainable uses for its historic and potentially redundant buildings.