Friday, 10 May 2013

The work has started...

Archeologists from Chris Butler Archeological Services have been on site this week.   Two test pits were dug and bits and bobs have been sent away for analysis.

Paul Humm of Chris Butler Archeological Services 

Caroline Russell, Paul Humm and Andrew Bradshaw spent 2 days digging through rubble and years of building refuse - the resulting holes are 1m wide x 2m long  x 1.2m deep .

Nothing of note was found and the underlying clay has been exposed,

Caspar Johnson and Andrew Bradshaw

Caspar Johnson, East Sussex County Archeologist joined Caroline, Paul and Andrew on site on Thursday.

It's amazing how much soil and spoil can be shifted by 3 hard-working experts.

Every good project starts with a big hole!

Who are we?

Fletcher in Rye CIC

A group of local residents with experience in Business, Banking and Theatre.

We came together originally to try to establish a theatre in The Monastery and promote the name of John Fletcher - the Jacobean playwright, and colleague of Shakespeare - who was born in Rye. The group’s focus switched to Lion Street when it was threatened with redevelopment.

We're building links with local businesses (including Jonathan Dunn Architects and Kino Digital) - helping us preserve Rye’s heritage by establishing creative and sustainable uses for its historic and potentially redundant buildings.