Tuesday, 4 November 2014


If you look closely, you should be able to see part of the airconditioning being swung in below a 30m crane on Friday 31st.   Despite it being Hallowe'en and the fact that the crane was the colour of a pumpkin, nothing ghoulish of note happened.

This is the last of the major bits of plant to be delivered.   You can see how tight for space the build has been - to get all the materials and trades on and off site has been a wok of logistical genius.

We wanted to make sure the E-W roof was restored so the the view from St Mary's tower was the same as before - the cross-hatching was tricky to do but now it's done...it looks beautiful.

Who are we?

Fletcher in Rye CIC

A group of local residents with experience in Business, Banking and Theatre.

We came together originally to try to establish a theatre in The Monastery and promote the name of John Fletcher - the Jacobean playwright, and colleague of Shakespeare - who was born in Rye. The group’s focus switched to Lion Street when it was threatened with redevelopment.

We're building links with local businesses (including Jonathan Dunn Architects and Kino Digital) - helping us preserve Rye’s heritage by establishing creative and sustainable uses for its historic and potentially redundant buildings.